Assistance and Support

Information and Referral

A person may contact the CAAP to inquire about its services, their own rights in health and social services or the complaint process or any other recourse mechanisms. That person may also be referred to an external resource, depending on the nature of the inquiry.

Support and Advice

You wish to consult us about a potential complaint but you are not yet ready to proceed with the formal process? We may still provide you with key information regarding the various steps and available recourses.

Assistance in Filing a Complaint

If you decide to proceed with your complaint, here is how we can assist you:

  • Discuss your situation to help you identify and clarify the nature of your complaint;
  • Inform you of the complaint process and required documents;
  • Draft (if necessary) a complaint letter for your signature;
  • Accompany you with meetings with relevant authorities;
  • Facilitate conciliation with any relevant authority;
  • Ensure the follow-up of your case.