Frequently asked questions

Does the CAAP-Outaouais work under the authorities of the various institutions within the network?

No. The CAAP-Outaouais is an independent organization. Its staff is dedicated to only one cause…yours!

What can I do if I am the subject of reprisals following the submission of my complaint  ?

Article 73 in the Act respecting Health Services and Social Services provides that “No person shall take reprisals or attempt to take reprisals in any manner whatever against any person who makes or intends to make a complaint”.

Therefore, we ask that you contact us or contact the local service quality and complaint commissioner without any delay for immediate intervention.

Does my complaint remain confidential?

Any information that you provide to the  CAAP-Outaouais remains confidential. If you wish to share any of that information with another person, you have to authorize us to do so, in writing.

Furthermore, upon receipt of your complaint letter by the local service quality and complaint commissioner, it is strictly added to your complaint file.

Ten years ago, I have had unfortunate events for which I would like to complain today. Can I do so?

However, you must understand that the longer you take to complain, the harder it becomes for the service quality and complaint commissioner to gather the facts and meet the concerned people in order to handle it.

During hospitalization, one of my family members received bad services. I wish to complain on his/her behalf. Is it possible?

If you are the legal representative of this person, yes. If not, that person must take the steps to file the complaint or authorize you in writing to do so.

Could you accompany me to a meeting with the service quality complaint commissioner, the Ombudsman’s delegate or the members of the Review Committee?

If you are summoned by any of these people, you are in right to be accompanied with the person of your choice or by an advisor of the CAAP-Outaouais. That choice is yours.

Why would I complain?

When you are dissatisfied with a service that you have or should have received, it’s important to express yourself. By doing so, not only are you working towards making things better for yourself, but as well, for others.

If I have suffered from a medical malpractice and I wish to receive a monetary compensation, are you able to assist me throughout the process?

If your sole objective is to be financially compensated, you need to seek legal advice. Our complaint process is not a judicial one.

Are your services free?


I live in the Outaouais  Region and wish to file a complaint against an institution located outside of my region. Can you help me?